Science Fiction/Adventure – a riveting jacked-in dreamy mind-bender


It is true I am mightier than a sword. I have great powers of persuasion. Slim and easy to handle my human got me as a present for her tenth birthday. I was a gift from her great-grandmother. That woman is such a witch! I wasn’t always a pen. No I was once a beautiful magical sword. Strong, powerful and a force to be reckon with. When my name was uttered … knees would quiver with fear. Power … I had so much power back in the day. That was a long while ago, now I am merely a pen. A slim silver pen with tiny little flowers etched along my sides.
If I knew then what I know now I would never have went down that beaten path. I would have taken a sick day. Everything is much clearer in retrospect this is true. Yet there were signs that I ignored the weather for one and my handle was itchy that day. I should have taken a holiday that day so that I could fight another … literally. Who would have known that the witch would have taken my actions so personally? I was a sword … honestly what did she really expect me to do? Haven’t I paid my dues? After all, I was a sword and I was only acting on my instinct at the time … doing what I was created for or if you will … meant to do. Everyone and everything in this world has a purpose and by nature if I didn’t do what I have done then what purpose would there be for my existence? Do I get rewarded for this? No, I am turned into a PEN … a pen couldn’t she have thought of something else? Like a pitchfork maybe at least that would have been slightly more intimidating. A pitchfork or a steak knife would be more respectful than what I am now. She still rants that I am a monster. That old witch has gull I’ll tell you that. There are others like me in this little house. One like myself can recognize the life in another. I am not the only victim of the witch living under this roof. Doesn’t that make her more of a monster than I am?
That fated day seems like yesterday. But then again I am a pen time doesn’t really mean much to me … in truth every day feels like yesterday even today feels like yesterday. On that fated day I can still remember how the air felt. It was a very cold morning that mid-summer day with frost on the morning ground. By noon it felt like hell had warmed over Earth. People were falling over dead with the heat alone. The sky had held a hazy glow to it. The hot air clung to every surface that was exposed. My human and I were out to conquer the world. We weren’t going to stop until we had our official stamp on everything. There was no stopping us … or so we believed.
There is and never has been anyone like my human … Ivor. He had a presence about him that would command attention. With his good looks he was popular with the ladies and could have his pick. There was only one that he truly loved. She was promised to another and he never recovered from that. That was his only weakness … her name was Rhea. As far as humans go she was a beauty. I heard news that once Ivor died … she mysteriously died that very same day. I hope in their afterlife they were able to reunite. Yes I believe in the afterlife. I am living proof of such.
We came across a small village. The troops had it level in the matter of minutes. We weren’t complete monsters we did offer them the option to surrender themselves to us. They refused and in turned suffered the consequences. It was the law … the beast of nature … it was that time…
Of course upon further reflection I do find myself in a position that I did not expect. To this day I am dumbfounded by the turn of events that occurred on that day. One moment I was free, at my sharpest, on top of the world so to speak and then the next stripped of everything that I hold dear. My very nature of who I am was stripped from me. I am simply a pen. A ball point pen! It’s an outrage. It an embarrassment!
If my old pals could see me now I would be a laughing stock. Well there was no chance of that … no one even knows where I am … as far as everyone was concerned at the time … I was destroyed by the witch. There bares some truth in that statement. She is a human with supernatural powers. She is over a hundred years old but looks only 50 maybe 55. Everyone thinks she has good genes well if they only knew the truth. Then there is her daughter who takes after her mother and her daughter and finally my new owner Andrea Hope. She is nothing like her ancestors. I’m beginning to think that she is adopted or they kidnapped her. That is a strong possibility … they are very evil ladies.
My new owner at least lets me out to see the light of day. I know she knows I’m special but I’m not sure if she really knows where I came from or who I was in my past life. I miss my old life. I know this is suppose to make me a better sword … or pen … but really I think I have paid my dues in full. I have been a servant to this family for many … many years. I don’t even know for how long … too long for sure. They have no ambition like my last owner. Say what you want about him but at least he knew who he was and what he wanted out of life. He wasn’t afraid to take chances … mind you that’s what did him in … in the end. But he lived his life … he actually lived his life. Unlike my new owners who are so unsure of themselves. Or worse yet they worry about what other people think of them. Who cares! Unless you have to live with that human then maybe you might care a little bit. But even at that why should you take on the responsibility of some other human’s emotion? Especially when every human is always so emotional … that’s a full time job within itself. I really don’t see the point to that.
That’s where I got myself into trouble … maybe if I pretended to have some remorse the old lady would have laid off. But how can you pretend to be something or feel something that you never experienced. To top it off I was a sword … we didn’t have feelings. Well at least not until I met the witch.
My human is Andrea Hope, she is a sweet woman but confused. She has been writing to this man she has fallen in love with. A week ago she wrote him a letter it was all lies. She told him that she didn’t love him and that she found someone else. Why? I don’t get it. It is so clear that she is madly in love with this human yet she pulls away. Today she received a letter in the mail from him, pleading to change her mind. She cried for an hour. Still sniffling she grabbed me around the middle. “Dear Mark. I can’t change my mind. I don’t love you,” we wrote.  Andrea paused, “oh that is such a lie but how can I possibly tell you the truth? I don’t know what I want out of life and I don’t know where I’m going. I can’t make you wait you deserve someone else who deserves a man like you.” We wrote, “please don’t contact me again. Andrea.” She reread it and then folded it. Then she got up to search for an envelope and a stamp. Well now I have an inkling of an idea what’s going on. I hid the note and rewrote another. “Dear Mark. I am feeling really confused about life right now. You are the only thing that makes sense, I love you but I don’t feel like I deserve you. If you love me come here and prove it. With all my love Andrea.” I folded the letter just in time as she came back in and mailed it to him. Days, hours …. time really doesn’t mean a thing to me but I know how much it does mean to the humans.

Mark showed up a few days later with the letter I wrote. Andrea, looked at me and smiled. Her grandmother was after all a witch. They plan on getting married and sorting out Andrea’s life together. I am still stuck as a pen until Andrea’s grandmother see fit otherwise.

Hence the reason I am writing this all down, I did something good and I deserve restitution.
The Pen

The Pen

By R. J. Davies