Science Fiction/Adventure – a riveting jacked-in dreamy mind-bender


Must Love Dogs - Click Here

Marissa and Zane are a normal couple except when they get into a fight, dating super smart Zane becomes a pain in the ass because he doesn’t fight fair.


Elandra - Click Here
Hunter - Click Here

Some love stories are written in the stars and others just happen to fall into our laps. Jack meets Sasha and things get heated.

Must Love Dogs was written for the EMP Project.

Closed Doors - Click Here

Some family secrets are best left unknown. Then there are some that just won’t stay hidden.

Closed Doors was written for the EMP Project.

New Recruit - Click Here

How well do we know anyone?

Hunter was written for the EMP Project.

She was sent to investigate. How could a whole planet's population just disappear into thin air?

Elandra was written for the EMP Project.

Some punishments are quick and others seem to last a lifetime. Repenting is sometimes one’s only salvation.

The Pen was written as a writing exercise “write about an inanimate object”.

The Pen - Click Here

Out of work and finally finding that great job. It means leaving home for a few months but it’s a great opportunity and great money. It’s a job that seems too good to be real. It’s something Keira is going to find out on her own.

The Recruit was written as a writing exercise “answering a job ad”.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Two brothers find out the hard way.

The Intruders, was written as a writing exercise, “you heard something in the other room what do you do next?’ – It also appeared in the EMP Project.

Sometimes as we age the mind is the first to go. What if we found out something about ourselves that was hard to believe?

Jin's Escape was written for the EMP Project.

Jin's Escape - Click Here
The Quarrel - Click Here

Short Stories

Science Fiction



The Intruders - Click Here