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Meet the Author

On Dice MAddox Series


While brainstorming came up with the idea to do a mini-series of novellas, based on Dice Maddox adventures when she is just starting out with her Uncle Eric who is still alive.

Are you like Dice Maddox?


We have some similarities but she is more of a no-nonsense  kind of girl. 

I'm more of a softy. What I like about Dice is that she is dealing with her failed love life but doesn't throw in the towel. She had lost herself once and doesn't intend to let that happen again. She's strong ... stronger than she thinks, smart and quirky.


R. J. Davies also known as R. J. Davies Mornix, was born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario lived in Toronto for a few years, currently resides in the Sault. She has been writing since she was 8 years of age, (if you ask her mother she would say she was telling stories since she was 6) daydreaming, creating, developing characters, places and tales of woe. Attended Sault College, started out in Police Foundations and then graduated from Computer Engineering.

Constantly researching story ideas, conversations, and scenes in ratty notebooks, napkins and slips of torn coffee stained envelopes. Most favorite questions start off with “What if” … what if this happens, what if that happens, what would it be like if this was real? Or what if that was real? She likes reading theoretical physics books, science fiction and hanging out with her son.

Favorite Question?


What if?

What if comes with so many tantalizing queries... it's the fire that burns in the night and the fuel that fuels the imagination.

On Maddox Files Series


Winter of 2013, just before Christmas I was introduced to a fellow author, who asked me why was I not letting Quin out of the box? Quin is a character in another series I had been working on. Little did I know this conversation led me on my current quest. A self-publishing project ... a series that I had no idea would burst into this amazing world with Dice Maddox as my protagonist. Dice Maddox and her mysteries were born.