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Dice Maddox Series

Maddox Files Series

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Short Stories

R. J. Davies, Author

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Book 2 ... Book 3 will be released soon!

Also available ... Dice Maddox: The Mad Hatter (Novella 2 of the new novellas of Dice in her younger years)

Maddox Files Series: Follow Dice Maddox, a young 26-year-old Toronto Private Investigator who gets back into the investigation business only to find that things are not always as they seem. First case back is she up against a demon? or an alien? Second case back even stranger things ... the lines of crazy are starting to blur.
Dice Maddox Series: Follow Dice Maddox, a young 20-year-old Toronto Private Investigator who is learning the ropes with her Uncle Eric, each case Dice learns something new about herself.

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